Basic characteristics:

  • alpha acids: 5-8%
  • beta acids: 3,0%
  • cohumulone: 2%
  • total oil: 2 ml/100 g
  • myrcene: 50,9%
  • humulene: 17,4%
  • caryophylene:  8,4%
  • alpha-terpineol (lilac, pine): 26 µl/100 g

Pedigree: Lubelski and Yugoslavian male

Great noble aroma hop used widely in beers of belgian origin and pilseners. Developed by crossing Lubelski with wild male hop obtained in Yugoslavia. The aroma is dominated by flowers (lilac) and fruity notes with clove accent. Used as replacement for Fuggle.

How does it smell like?

Lilac, Noble, Clove, Spice

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