Basic characteristics:

  • alpha acids: 8-11% 
  • beta acids: 3,8%
  • cohumulone: 3,0%
  • total oil: 1,3 ml/100 g
  • myrcene: 45,6%
  • humulene: 21,4%
  • caryophylene: 8,7%

Pedigree: Lubelski x Savinski Golding hybrid and Yugoslavian male

Twin sister of Iunga developed during the same breeding programme. Desinged as high-alfa variety, but due to “additional aroma compounds” sentenced to death by big corporate brewers. Years later it turned out that those strange aromas are tropical and citrus fruits. All accompanied by short, clean bitterness.

How does it smell like?

Tropical, Citrusy, Fruity 

Showcased in: Grodzisk (PL) x Live Oak (US) Imperial Grodziskie

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