PolishHops.com is the biggest new-wave hop supplier in Poland, restoring forgotten and developing novel Polish hop varieties. We export to Europe, both Americas and Asia!

As a company, we started in 2015, but – as a family – we have been growing hops for 4 generations. We decided to add pelletizing and direct sales to our crop business in order to ensure high quality and be more independent.

Our clients tripled their demand during only one year and we could not produce more using our plantation only, so we decided to start cooperating with trusted farmers willing to focus on quality and care about the plants according to our best practices.

We expand our farming area with each new crop. We invest in rare, forgotten Polish hop varieties, often on the brink of extinction. Most of them were almost doomed when, years ago, big brewers wanted either high-alpha or “old style noble aroma” hops. That’s why some of Polish varieties – abandoned back then – today seem very unique and intriguing.

We do not only sell hops, we work together with brewers from all over the world, who help us describe our varieties from the brewer point of view. We also constantly cooperate with a number of homebrewers in the use of test batches of our hops.

We 💚 hops and they seem to 💚 us back!

We farm, pelletize and restore forgotten Polish varieties!


From our blog

  • Murillo Foltran, DUM Cervejaria, Brasil

    I met Pawel in a Brazilian Beer Festival and we became friends. As a Brazilian I had a dream to visit a Hop Farm and I did it with his help. It’s a wonderful place, full of aromas and hops. The hops are high quality with new varieties and passion for delivier the best product. It’s a family business and I highly recommend it. The beers with his hops are awesome.

    Murillo Foltran, DUM Cervejaria, Brasil
  • Adam Czogalla, Browar Perun, Poland

    Stable quality and unique hop varieties, often far more interesting than most popular ones. That’s what made me buy from Paweł for 5 years now.

    Adam Czogalla, Browar Perun, Poland
  • Marcin Ostajewski, Browar Fortuna, Poland

    Superior quality and perfect service. During my work in couple Polish craft breweries I made several intriguing beers with hops revived by Pawel. Thank You!

    Marcin Ostajewski, Browar Fortuna, Poland