Chinook PL

Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 7-9,3% beta acids: 2,7% cohumulone: 2,9% total oil: 1,3 ml / 100 g myrcene: 38,9% humulene: 17,7% caryophylene: 8,5% selinene (piney, woody): 40 µl / 100 g Pedigree: Petham Golding and USDA 63012M (progeny of Brewers Gold and Utah wild male) Classical US hop variety with distinct terroir effect. Piney and woody

Cascade PL

Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 4,2-5,8% beta acid: 4,5% cohumulone: 1,8% total oil: 1,2 ml / 100 g myrcene: 56,8% humulene: 14,2% caryophylene: 5,7% Pedigree: Fuggle x Serebrianker progeny and unknown male Hop variety often called the milestone of craft beer revolution. Known for citrusy aroma when farmed in the USA, when harvested on our farms it


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 9,5-13% beta acids: 5,7% cohumulone: 3,3% total oil: 2,9% myrcene: 56,2% humulene: 20,1% caryophylene: 6,6% Pedigree: Galena and unknown male Known widely as great provider of clean, short bitterness thanks to high-alpha contents. When harvested late, gives an extra aroma kick with fresh, piney-like aroma. Hop oil contents when late-harvested peaks to