Basic characteristics:

  • alpha acids: 4,1%
  • beta acids: 3,4-5,1%
  • cohumulone: 1,1%
  • total oil: 1,1 ml/100 g
  • myrcene: 50%
  • humulene: 14,9%
  • caryophylene: 5,8%

Pedigree: selected from domestic plants in early ’60s

Polish noble aroma hop variety close to Czech Saaz, with distinct herbal notes and pinch of cinnamon and bergamot. Used in Poland as main aroma hop for decades. Great choice for classical beer styles originating from Germany and Czech republic, but also for dry-hopping new wave beers to improve complexity. Late harvest of our Lubelski gives it an extra kick of bergamot and lemon.

How does it smell like?

Noble, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Citrusy

Want more? We analyse our crops with the help of external lab, we do test brews thanks to a group of our friends. Contact us to know more 😉