Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 11,5-13,7% beta acids: 2,8% cohumulone: 2,9% total oil: 1,4 ml/100g myrcene: 47,3% humulene: 19% caryophylene: 7,2% linaool (lilac aroma): 11 µl/100 g  Pedigree: Lubelski and Yugoslavian male New release of IUNG Institute, high-alpha variety with clean, strong bitterness. Despite being classical bitterness aroma it has quite high linalool content, so it can


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 8-11%  beta acids: 3,8% cohumulone: 3,0% total oil: 1,3 ml/100 g myrcene: 45,6% humulene: 21,4% caryophylene: 8,7% Pedigree: Lubelski x Savinski Golding hybrid and Yugoslavian male Twin sister of Iunga developed during the same breeding programme. Desinged as high-alfa variety, but due to “additional aroma compounds” sentenced to death by big corporate


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 5-8% beta acids: 3,0% cohumulone: 2% total oil: 2 ml/100 g myrcene: 50,9% humulene: 17,4% caryophylene:  8,4% alpha-terpineol (lilac, pine): 26 µl/100 g Pedigree: Lubelski and Yugoslavian male Great noble aroma hop used widely in beers of belgian origin and pilseners. Developed by crossing Lubelski with wild male hop obtained in Yugoslavia. The aroma


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 6,5-9% beta acids: 3,4% cohumulone: 2,5% total oil: 2,1 ml / 100 g myrcene: 38,2% humulene: 24,8% caryophylene:  12% caryophylene (clove): 252 µl / 100 g humulene (orange, pine): 521 µl / 100 g Pedigree:  New release from IUNG Institute, pungent and complex aroma with white grapes, spices, clove and ripe papaya.


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 8-12,5% beta acid: 3,5% cohumulone: 3,1% total oil: 1,5 ml / 100 g myrcene: 60,3% humulene: 14,3% caryophylene: 6,6% Pedigree: Lubelski and Yugoslavian male Dual-purpose hop with both short bitterness thanks to high alpha-acid content and great aroma with strong pineapple, peach and citrusy notes. Iunga is another variety obtained by crossing

Chinook PL

Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 7-9,3% beta acids: 2,7% cohumulone: 2,9% total oil: 1,3 ml / 100 g myrcene: 38,9% humulene: 17,7% caryophylene: 8,5% selinene (piney, woody): 40 µl / 100 g Pedigree: Petham Golding and USDA 63012M (progeny of Brewers Gold and Utah wild male) Classical US hop variety with distinct terroir effect. Piney and woody

Cascade PL

Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 4,2-5,8% beta acid: 4,5% cohumulone: 1,8% total oil: 1,2 ml / 100 g myrcene: 56,8% humulene: 14,2% caryophylene: 5,7% Pedigree: Fuggle x Serebrianker progeny and unknown male Hop variety often called the milestone of craft beer revolution. Known for citrusy aroma when farmed in the USA, when harvested on our farms it


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 9,5-13% beta acids: 5,7% cohumulone: 3,3% total oil: 2,9% myrcene: 56,2% humulene: 20,1% caryophylene: 6,6% Pedigree: Galena and unknown male Known widely as great provider of clean, short bitterness thanks to high-alpha contents. When harvested late, gives an extra aroma kick with fresh, piney-like aroma. Hop oil contents when late-harvested peaks to


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 4,7-6% beta acids: 2,3% cohumulone: 1,5% total oil: 1,3 ml / 100 g myrcene: 54,4% humulene: 18,0% caryophylene: 8,7% Pedigree: Lubelski and Yugoslavian male Developed back in 1988 in the same programme as Marynka, when big players wanted to have more high-alpha varietes. Farming was ceased since Izabellas bittering potential was too