Basic characteristics:

  • alpha acids: 10,3±1,5%
  • beta acids: 5,1±0,7%
  • cohumulone: 4,7%
  • total oil: 1,7 ml / 100 g
  • myrcene: 59,7%
  • humulene: 13%
  • caryophylene: 4,9%
  • limonene: 36-42 µl / 100 g 


Novel variety with great potential. Rich tropical aroma with strong mango, peach and mirabelle plum accents. Promising variety which will conquer craft beer world, one of those for which we plan to increase farming area as soon as possible.

How does it smell like?

Peach, Mango, Mirabelle plum, Pine

Want more? We analyse our crops with the help of external lab, we do test brews thanks to a group of our friends. Contact us to get free PDF handbook about all our hops 😉