New wave hops


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 11,5-13,7% beta acids: 2,8% cohumulone: 2,9% total oil: 1,4 ml/100g myrcene: 47,3% humulene: 19% caryophylene: 7,2% linaool (lilac aroma): 11 µl/100 g  Pedigree: Lubelski and Yugoslavian male New release of IUNG Institute, high-alpha variety with clean, strong bitterness. Despite being classical bitterness aroma it has quite high linalool content, so it can


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 8-11%  beta acids: 3,8% cohumulone: 3,0% total oil: 1,3 ml/100 g myrcene: 45,6% humulene: 21,4% caryophylene: 8,7% Pedigree: Lubelski x Savinski Golding hybrid and Yugoslavian male Twin sister of Iunga developed during the same breeding programme. Desinged as high-alfa variety, but due to “additional aroma compounds” sentenced to death by big corporate


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 6,5-9% beta acids: 3,4% cohumulone: 2,5% total oil: 2,1 ml / 100 g myrcene: 38,2% humulene: 24,8% caryophylene:  12% caryophylene (clove): 252 µl / 100 g humulene (orange, pine): 521 µl / 100 g Pedigree:  New release from IUNG Institute, pungent and complex aroma with white grapes, spices, clove and ripe papaya.


Basic characteristics: alpha acids: 8-12,5% beta acid: 3,5% cohumulone: 3,1% total oil: 1,5 ml / 100 g myrcene: 60,3% humulene: 14,3% caryophylene: 6,6% Pedigree: Lubelski and Yugoslavian male Dual-purpose hop with both short bitterness thanks to high alpha-acid content and great aroma with strong pineapple, peach and citrusy notes. Iunga is another variety obtained by crossing